International Court of Justice

Chair: Aleksandra Piskorska

Co-chair: Wiktoria Łukasik

  1. South China sea conflict

    China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei have wrangled over the territory and sovereignity of South China Sea for centuries, but the tension has significantly increased over the past years. Within the last two decades the most serious clashes occured between China and Vietnam, as well as between China and Philippines. Although islands on the sea are uninhabited, they have vast amounts of natural resources, and the sea itself constitutes a major shipping route as well as home to fish which provide for the people in the region. The USA officially does not take sides in the confict, however its military ships and planes have been seen in the area of conflict. On 22 July 2011 the PRC, Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam agreed to set guidelines which would help to cease the conflict, although the issue of natural resourcs remains unresolved.

  2. CIA prisons and torturing in Europe

    On 8 June 2007 during a Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Swiss senator Dick Marty revealed evidence that important detainees, including the alleged 9/11 leader were held in secret CIA prisons in Poland and Romania. In 2008 report saying that Lithuania was a site of third secret CIA prison, which wasn’t confirmed by Lithuanian government, hovewer Al Nashiri who was responsible for terrorist attacks in Guantanamo said he was tortured in Poland. The European Parliament called for deep investigations in Poland, Romania and Lithuania and suggested impunity of CIA mass surveillance by the National Security Agency. So far, there are three judgments concerning CIA rendition and secret detention operations: two of them were delivered aainst Poland, one against the former Yugoslaw Republic of Macedonia.